Static + LCD Screen

One of our teammates accidentally fried our LCD screen by touching it while he was statically charged. It won’t display anything. I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue and if there is a fix.

I would also like to mention that it was one of the biggest static shocks I have ever felt. :smiley:

Did you touch the actual screen or the plastic cover when it shocked you?

Never seen it on the LCD - but we don’t use them that much.

Can you see any obvious charring? Is there any response to flashing the back light of it?

I would order a new one or look to borrow one from anyone else local, like this guy from 8888. I’m sure he has a few laying about. It looks like you are signed up for this weekend so now would be the best time to have one. Or rush it from Vex and let UPS fight the traffic of LA.

Can you switch out to something else for program selection or whatever else you are using the LCD for? Potentiometer selector may be the easiest to switch to in a hurry.

How big of a static charge did you have? Just by crawling around on the foam mats? Or something else? I’ve been struck by lightning (via a house so nowhere near the full brunt of it) and it made me jump pretty good.

Also, you are 27 on the worlds list for robot skills and the official cut off date has passed. Your are #4 in robot skills in CA. Not sure how RECF is handling scores from championships this weekend though… So you may not have to worry, but maybe you do depending upon ruling from RECF on the cut off date.

Cameron already has a slot because of his win in skills at worlds last year.
Believe it or not, the 8888 teams only have one LCD that everyone shares, so only one robot gets to use it.

So glad it was you and not me.

Backlight and buttons function properly, it’s just the display.

The LCD is not mission critical, it’s primarily just for debug. I have been using LEDs for some debug stuff which is nice and I think I’m just going to compile to the robot when I want to change its auton.

Just the foam mats - they generate so much static for us for some reason. The biggest shocks I’ve ever had have been from these mats.

u wot m8?

@jpearman speaks the truth, but we also do want to qualify through conventional means. It seems a bit cheap to make it to worlds only through a legacy.

It’s not cheap to qualify through winning the previous year at worlds. (2011 to 2012)

Story of the lightning. I was 17 I think and over at my friend’s house. It started to rain so we went to his basement to play pool. Of course there is one of those incredibly inconvenient poles in the basement right in the way of where I had to make a shot. So I had to lean around the pole to (attempt to) take a shot. At that moment I felt a really big shock in my side where I was attached to the pole and jumped like a fool holding my side as it hurt pretty bad. We heard a huge crack of thunder at that moment. Luckily I think it was from the ground up to me rather than a direct hit so I got nowhere near the full brunt of the strike. I still call it being struck by lightning but I know it was a minor infraction.

Of course my friends would not let me take my shot again a few minutes later when tings calmed down.