Static on the field

I am an event partner and we had a practice match for our league last week. We noticed that our field picked up a lot of static, and assumed that it was due to the high number of tank treads being used. The static seemed to interfere with some robots more than others. I have heard that there is a spray that can be used to knock down static on the field. Does this spray exist? If so where can I get it, and are there any regulations as to its use during match play? Also is there anything else that teams can do to keep static from interfering with their robots?


Static electricity discharges can definitely affect a competition robot. Before your event, please spray a generous amount of antistatic spray on your foam tiles and carpet of the driver area.
If the event allows for a lunch break, please re-apply a very light coat of the spray.
Make sure to allow the tiles to dry before placing robots inside the field.

We recommend the following: Techspray Zero Charge
You could also use any of these:
Endust Anti-Static
Static Guard 5.5oz


Thank you Eli. I will give it a try at our next match.