Static Problems

We have been having problems with static effecting our brain, specially at the end of the day at a tournament where we having been driving a bunch. We do use the Integrated Motor Encoders which is rumored to be the problem. Is there any way to fix the static problem? Currently the robot and remote will lose connection and the robot will continue its last command until turned off, or completely shut off and restart and become a vegetable if this problem occurs. Please Help.


Whats the name of your next tournament?
You may want to contact the event coordinator of your next tournament and ask him if they will be using antistatic spray on the field tiles.

This will alleviate your issues at a great degree, for more information on antistatic spray please view this thread:



We have one of the Forsyth County Tournaments next week. Ok thank you, I will do that since I know both of the organizers.