Statistics in the Notebook

What statistics or charts do you put in your Engineering Notebook? I feel like at the end of the notebook, we need some statistics from our comps.

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Here is the data/stats that my team records for each competition:
(Note: all of the stats mirror the stats in our regional scouting sheet).

Honestly, I would put what makes sense to you and what your team would get the most use out of.


Thanks. Quick question, what is the DPR and OPR? Another member of my team did them last year.


Taken from VEX VIA:
Out of the 3 team statistics, I would garner to say that CCWM is the best stat to look at (not to say that looking at/using the other 2 won’t be helpful to your team).

Here is a link to a PowerPoint showing how that are calculated:


The link isn’t working for me

The link takes you to an archived version of the PowerPoint. You have to download it to see it (you will most likely be prompted to download it)

My favorite statistic not listed by VEX is what I like to call the “rank percentile”, otherwise known as the percentage of teams you’re above in a tournament. I like this statistic because you could be rank 5 in a tournament, which looks good on paper, but what if there’s only 7 teams at the tournament? In this scenario, you would be rank 5 out of 7 teams, so you’re above 2 teams. This means your rank percentile is 29%. You’ve placed above 29% of the teams at the tournament.


I like to put in a few box plots (which shows average, minimum, maximum…) comparing each competition, showing the improvements from the last. Maybe we improved on average, or maybe we got a new highscore, or didn’t mess up as many matches. All of these can be described in a box plot.

Maybe reviewing how competing with and against different strategies affected your score.

Maybe a graph of each match showing the percentage of how you earnt those points, was it through autonomous or connected rows…


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