I’m conducting a research project, in which I would like to compare the amount of teams to the overall participation in STEM fields. Does VEX have statistics on the amount of people who participate in competitions from around the world, or by state?

no, but someone made a bot that took data from vexdb about team locations and compiled it to a spreadsheet. No clue where any of that is but you might have a better chance if you know that

Try contacting the REC Foundation. They are the governing body behind the VEX Competitions.
Link to their website is here.

On the Robot Events map, you can search teams by state, country… According to the map, there are 2686 VRC Teams, 1393 VEXIQ Teams, and 179 VEXU Teams. Hope this helps.

Unfortunately, the team data for this year isn’t of much help yet. That’s only about a quarter of teams that should register this year (and VIQC might be even less than a quarter).

A few statistics I found on the Vex Website at the bottom of this page.


Competition Teams


Wowsuh! 1,000,000 students! That’s much more than I thought it would be