Stats Bot

Hi, I’m Sultan, web and graphics designer, from Swampbotics (2105A). This year is my 2nd time going to Worlds Comp. Last year, one of the major problems we encountered was scouting, and finding stats on teams. So this year me and another programmer from my team started working on a scouting system (Swampbotics Scouting). We wanted an app that didn’t require any redirects or reloads, so we went with long polling so we could have data updated in real time. Long polling didn’t work out so we looked at WebSockets. WebSockets seemed like a good solutions, but we were out of time, and were busy with our personal lives. We do have a static version of Swampbotics Scouting up, though it’s useless.

Knowing that we were running out of time, I went solo and created Stats Bot.

What is Stats Bot?
It’s a mobile first web app that displays basic info on any team.

App is hosted on my dev environment and isn’t perfect. It’s simple. It works. Expect 3% downtime.

I can add more features if requested.

Thanks for checking out Stats Bot. The app was developed with chrome in mind, though I will be updating it to make it compatible with other major browsers. Thanks for informing me about the bug!