Staying on the middle platform

Can you grip onto the sides of the middle platform, or alternatively use a wheel on its side to push yourself up and ad friction?

the first one is against the rules

but you can do the second one

you cannot grip onto the sides because you are not allowed to grip parts of the field. But you can do the other one

You are allowed to lower a mechanism in front of a side of the platform but you cannot have a mechanism that lowers on multiple sides of the platform otherwise it would be grasping or grappling. If you have a mechanism that physically “clamps’ onto a field element it is considered illegal as well. If you have a brake (Which you stated as a wheel lowering providing friction) it is legal provided that you’re still within the 18” height limit when lowered.
EDIT//: made some grammatical changes to make a bit more sense

Thanks, I have a friend who is trying to have two things keeping them on top while not clamping. I don’t know if we will be able to use it in competition, but it is an interesting concept, I would like to see it executed.