Stealing Rings

Does anyone know if its legal to steal rings from mobile goals, I tried the rule book and could not find anything. (p.s. please tell me if i put this topic in the wrong category)

This is in the correct category, the only better one would be 2021-2022 tipping point. It is illegal to steal the rings from the opposing teams home mobile goals. It is a dq if it is match affecting, it is a warning if it is not. Neutral Goals are free reign.


Please read SG6 in the game manual. As you read the manual, keep in mind that the game manual tells you what is Required, and what is Prohibited. The game manual does not give strategy, unless specifically banning a particular action), or tell you all the things that you might do, so if an action is not prohibited (SG6 for example), then it is legal.


Thanks, this helps a lot