Steel axle cutting

Just throwing this out…

First: this is NOT for everyone, probably just the private clubs.

Dremel cutting disks are about $2/each on amazon. And we all know how long they last (or not).

We have started using these discs, on an electric die grinder. About 25% cheaper than dremel, last a WHOLE lot longer, and cut 10x faster. Emphasis here is on performance… not so much cost savings.

Of course there’s also bandsaws & hacksaws also.


Never had a problem using hacksaws for shaft cutting, even HS shafts. They get the job done faster than it would be to drag out a dremel or grinder, hook it all up with the cutting tools and make the cut.

during peak build sessions (my team typically builds our bots in the span of a few days of constant work), we use a little bandsaw for cutting all aluminum, just so it’s really quick and clean, but otherwise we just use tinsnips. the cuts aren’t so clean, and often you have to bend back the flanges after the cut, but it’s so quick and convenient, and works well enough.


If you know how to properly clamp a shaft and use a hacksaw (without bending the shaft) then they are good. The abrasive wheels allow some more flexibility.

Have had problems getting the proper blades for full size bandsaws to cut steel axles.

This was sort of to ‘raise awareness’ of that type tool. Many don’t know it exists.


it does seem useful for instances where an axle or some other part of a robot needs to be cut without removing it from a robot. sometimes you have to make the sparks fly to get in that 18" cube.


I am amazed at y’all!!! Bolt cutters are the way, the truth, the life! One snip, and it’s done! Sometimes it requires a little clean up with a disc/belt sander or file, but it’s that simple. Forget buying new discs and hacksaw blades, forget clamping your work piece down. I got one of these for 15 at a hardware store. You would need to buy a large one for high strength axles, but they still work great for those. The leverage these things give you are insane. The blunt, brute force is so addictive. These things are absolute bone crushers. If you’ve never seen these, you need to find a pair and give them a try.


Have used those before. Not good for clean cuts in ‘c’ channel. And most don’t have a belt sander for cleanup. Cleanup via filing is gonna take some time.


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We use bolt cutters and they’re amazing!!! We can cut all the shafts we need in minutes and we just use a belt sander and it makes them perfect!!

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At our school we just use an angle grinder, more expensive but it cuts like butter and last forever. Sometimes you clean it up with a file but over all pretty good.

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surprising they allow this. not saying it’s a bad solution though.

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