Steel Bar, Flex Metal, Bendy Metal?

What do y’all call the Vex 1x25 steel bar? Personally my team has always called it bendy metal. Anyway I would like to know what the other teams call it.

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I call them a steel bar

We call it “The Whipper”

We just call it “one by” and don’t say 25 because it is usually cut shorter than that.


I call it the 1x1 angle

1x1 angle is not the same as 1x bar: vs.


VEX also sells 1x1 angle now:


VEX is the same price as Robosource, but you get to pay VEX shipping…

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there is a thread that talks about VEX parts names… so why be specific?

We call them:
One wide plate
Five wide plate
One by L-Channel
Two by L-Channel
Two wide C-Channel
Three wide C-Channel
Five wide C-Channel
… and
_ holes long
or _ notches and _ holes

Is what we would usually call our metal

We call 1x angle “half channel” because we think of a standard 2-wide c-channel cut in half. 1x bar is referred to as strapping, and we try to avoid it at all costs. Standoffs and half channel are both great alternatives that are much harder to bend.

We just call 'em straps. Not sure why, we just do.

We call them bendy-sticks, or BS for short.


I like to call them “Useless”


Ah, well, round these parts, we call this Bendy Bois