Steel cable tensioning

I know that using steel cables in VRC is allowed, since it counts as rope/string, as long as it is within size. I was wondering if robots in the past have used tensioned steel cables to increase strength/rigidity in the chassis? If not, is there something I am missing, because it seems like a good idea.

Using a steel cable for structural stability is, in most instances, unnecessary. If your robot needs cable to for strength, then it has a major design flaw that needs to be fixed. Because competitive teams build durable robots, there isn’t a need to add the cable (which is why you haven’t seen any).

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It is a good idea, but I have never seen it. Wouldn’t need to be steel to be effective – could use nylon cord, 11" zip ties, maybe even smart cable could be used as structural tension members.


Whatever you do, make sure your steel cable is at least 1/8”.

It might be a little chunky at that point, and you might find that c channel will be useful for providing strength and rigidity in your chassis.


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