Steel Eagle I (7701) Worlds Teaser [Potentially Misleading]

With the World Championship less than a week away, Steel Eagle I asked me to share a few pictures of the robot. Enjoy!

Alt Links: Google Drive, OneDrive, Imgur.

Thanks to the Indianapolis Metro Bomb Squad for presenting some of their latest technology to the Zionsville Community High School Robotics Class!

Nice one. That made me laugh. We had the bomb squad visit our school last year and I got to drive a robot wirelessly. The robot was a half million dollar robot with a water cannon mounted on a bobcat tractor.

Is that bot squeezing the buckyball? that’s some pretty insane pneumatics!

Yes. I’m pretty sure it was a DC motor, though as he mentioned them but nothing about pneumatics. Although I suppose it could have been hydraulic, but unlikely. It’s got 15 lbs of squeezing force! The ball stayed compressed after releasing it, but it popped back out over the weekend.

Funny story, you know the band VexNet operates on (2.4 GHz)? Yeah, so does this robot. Same disconnect issues that we have. :eek: Of course, he didn’t bother to set up a secure connection - no need to. Just an omnidirectional antenna on the robot was what he was using. Plus they can always use a fiber optic wire if wireless isn’t an option. He told us a story about how they tried to go in to a bank vault wirelessly. Didn’t work out too well :smiley:

This one is $120k, IIRC. They call it their baby robot. The bomb squad technician said he’s with the robot 24/7 in case he needs to be on call at a moments notice.