Steel too heavy?

Hi, I’m using a mix of linear slide rails and aluminum c-channel, as well as a 1:5 ratio, but the lift seems too heavy to go up. Could that be the case?

The linear slides are pretty heavy. You might have friction in your lift as well. I really can’t determine without pictures.

I don’t have my phone right now, but it’s nothing special, it has a total of 2 HS gears and 4 regular gears on each side (the regular gears are doubled up). It uses linear slide rails for all the 4 bars and aluminum/steel c-channel for the middle bit. The whole thing weighs probably 10 pounds including the bottom poles it is all attached to.

Its a DR4B btw

1.) Why in the world are you using rails or steel for your DR4B?
2.) Is your Lift 10lbs or your Entire Robot ?
3.) Try to get a picture please (Sorry for repeating what an earlier post stated, but a picture speaks louder
than words)

I figured it would be better to use the rails because it would be stronger, and the lift altogether is probably 10 lbs

Uh. Then,
1.) Just use C-channels. All that weight is the main reason the lift will not lift (Although I would think there are more reasons)
2.) Most robots that I’ve seen are 12-16 lbs. That means that your lift weighs nearly as much as entire robots (Your lift weighs more than some Starstruck robots). Please switch to just c-channels if you want to make a RD4B.

Yea I agree, your lift should not be that heavy, try to make the whole robot out of aluminum. 10 pounds is a lot for just a lift.

We don’t have access currently to enough aluminum to make an entire DR4B.

Try adding rubber bands to help the lift go up

We tried that…

Then try 7:1 ratio, that should help


No, that’s a speed ratio. You are saying 1 rotations of the motor powered gear is 7 rotations of the driven gear.

no, a 1:7 is measured in teeth, drive to driven. Thus, on the forums a 1:7 is a torque ratio. let me go find some examples

example 1 at the top of the page.

I know rubber bands have already been proposed but I know from experience this year that a Rd4B made entirely from steel c-channel takes about 36-46 rubberbands distributed between the top and bottom of the lift with 4 high-speed motors 1:7(for torque). So maybe you haven’t tried enough rubber bands yet?
your wrong, its both

The next Vex controversy: Is it 1:7 or 7:1??

This is an age-old discussion, dating well back into the age of crystal-controlled radios and 9-team tournaments.

9 team tourneys? Dang