Steering Problems

Steering Problems with the Vex Robotic Off Road Truck

That’s tough.


truely unfortunate

If you want help then explain the problem


Did you try turning it off and turning it back on again?


This thread only has 3 replies and it’s already one of my favorites lol.

Fixing the problem would make it better


Truck runs straight forwards and back but steering does not work.

What happens if you try to turn? Does nothing move? Does it make any sounds?

Absolutely nothing happens not even a twitch. The Brain also drains the battery pack when it is turned off?

The battery draining even when it’s off is completely normal. It will drain slower than when it’s on but even just having it plugged in when it’s off will drain the battery a lot.

That does not make sense? So to save the batteries when the Truck is not in use the Battery Pack must be disconnected?


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Yep. It’s stupid but even just being plugged in will drain the battery.

Maybe this video will be able to help
(I was so tempted to rickroll but I actually decided to put a video that might help)


This tread is about half of Vex forum in a nutshell


I think it might be a programming problem? Maybe try checking the velocity of each motor and make sure they all match. V5 motors tend to crap out on you due to overheating- My team has been encountering this problem as well. One thing to avoid this is to reduce the velocity (This only goes for big robots) The more weight it has the more problems will occur with the motors. If its a physical problem make sure everything is tight and secure. Check for properly placed spacers. (never have metal on metal) I hope this helps :slight_smile:

The topic has nothing to do with V5, it’s about this.

@NicholasH have a look at this topic


oh- oops- sometimes my internet wont load things so its easy to miss the pictures and replies. :confused:

Or, you could upload pictures to help us understand the problem rather than hoping we would telekinetically understand what you want us to.

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