Stem / Design interviews

If you have pre-submitted for the Stem or Design awards, when do you find out your presentation / interview times? Are those times likely to be Sunday, or not until Mon/Tues?

The online notes I’ve found seem to say you’ll get an email with info sometime before Worlds, but I have yet to get one. Is it actually something they give you information on when you register tomorrow? I tried emailing for info but received no response.


Eligible Team notebooks will be turned in at registration on Sunday. Teams will be told in advance if they are to turn in their notebook at registration. Current plans are for STEM interviews on Monday. Eligible teams will receive instruction on this as well.

The only presubmitted awards this year are the Teacher and Mentor of the year Awards.

We are still in the process of registering teams for Worlds. Eligible teams will be contacted shortly after all teams have completed signing up for Worlds.

Your patience is appreciated.