STEM Labs Robo Soccer Materials

I am using VEX V5 for the first time and will be implementing some of the STEM Labs from VEX. While reviewing the RoboSoccer unit, the needed materials was for the V5 starter kit. However, the lesson plans ask the students to come up with their own attachments to help dribble a ball.

Do I need to bring some DIY craft materials for this part of the unit, or was the intent to use additional VEX parts to build upon the speed build? Can anyone elaborate on this who have using this unit with their students?

Thanks for your help with this.

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They should develop their own solution for controlling the ball using the kit material.

Then again, it is a class and adding crafty materials will make the solutions more unique. Just don’t let them glue or weld :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, the Starter Kit has just enough material for the Speed Build and Claw. Are there additional parts that I’m not seeing? I would understand if the lesson guides indicated that you need the Classroom Superkit, but this is not indicated at all. Hence my initial question.

There are four c-channels - you can take those and let them figure out how to use them to their advantage.

The students will be able to figure out. Just define the constraints for all the students “use only the material in your kit”. The speedbot is just a reference design for them to enhance.

Students are very creative.


A really creative student might even forgo having a forth wheel and use it in a clever way. Having a three wheel bot the advantage of freeing structure. Being able cut and shape the metal offers even more opportunities - well, except making the full clawbot :slight_smile:


Great ideas, thanks! I will use the kit materials only and see what they come up with.

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No idea how is this STEM kit set like.

But back in those days when my club was still involved in RoboCup Junior, it was usually a circular design, with wheels 120deg apart.

As for the dribbler (if a kicker is not required), just a simple concave shape will work well.


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