STEM Newbie Question

We are starting a new EDR team. Sorry if this question has been asked but I’ve been searching and can’t find the answer, when does the new topic for STEM get released and where can I find the information? Thank you

EDR does not have a stem project. Enjoy building your robot!

What is a STEM project?


It’s only for IQ. The kids do a research project on a theme.

Ok. Thank you.


Ok thank you! So just the driving and drivers skills?

There is the competition and skills, consisting of driver skills and programming skills. There are also online challenges and other competitions not necessarily directly related to the game if you would want to do those.

Ok, thank you very much! I will go and check out the online challenges.

New competition teams should carefully read through all the VEX Robotics Competition page. There are plenty of resources to guide a team through their first season. You should also contact your RECF Regional Support Manager who can put you in touch with teams that can help you with advice.

Thank you. I’ve been reading every thing I can find about EDR. I will reach out to my RECF Regional Support Manager to point me in the right direction. Again, thank you for all the advice and help.