STEM presentation for Worlds 2018 repost from official Q&A

[LEFT] STEM presentation for Worlds 2018 [FONT=Helvetica]Today, 10:30 AM

Hi VEX IQ team,

​It is my understanding that a team that qualifies for Worlds will only be able to sign up for STEM if they win their ticket to Worlds with a STEM award, a Design award or an Excellence award.
Is this correct?

A team that wins Skills Champion Award or Team Challenge Award at the regional championship will not be able to present STEM at Worlds. The teams that go to worlds based on Skills on the World Rankings, can not present STEM.

​This means that for Florida for example, there will be a limited amount of teams that can present STEM.
​RoboSlam in Miami hands out 3 tickets and Fl State Championship in Tampa hands out 3 tickets and they might be given to the same teams.
Is this correct? If no, do you exclude teams that have won a World ticket at RoboSlam from winning the same award at FL State Championship?

​If you get one of those tickets, is STEM a video submission?
​Where would I be able to find information about the STEM submission requirement for Worlds for 2018?
​I don’t want to mislead my students. My teams have not been to Worlds, neither have I. There is a chance that they will go based on Skills this year.
​Thank you!