STEM Project Qualification

I thought only Excellence and STEM awards qualified to present their STEM at Worlds, but when I went to the page to register the Mentor and Teacher, I noticed that it says Excellence, DESIGN or STEM. Design awards will also be able to present their STEMs? STEM Research Project VEX IQ only The VEX IQ STEM Research Project Challenge teaches students more about the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Each season, one STEM subject will be the featured Project Challenge theme. For details on this year’s challenge teams should visit the VEX IQ Current Challenge page. **Teams must have won Excellence Award, Design Award, or STEM Research Project Award at an official event this season **to be eligible to present a STEM Research Project to the judges at VEX Worlds.
This year interview appointments at the VEX World Championship will be scheduled by the REC Foundation after the event match list has been generated. Teams that have signed up for an interview will receive a schedule showing interview times the week of championship. Teams that do not sign up will not be guaranteed an interview time.

You are correct, as the VEX IQ Worlds Judges’ Handbook outlines the qualification process to present a STEM Research Project at Worlds: “At VEX Worlds only, teams that have won an Excellence Award or a STEM Research Project Award during the current season will be provided an opportunity to present their STEM Research Project to Judges.”