STEM Project Squared away

So i know we are supposed to have like a tri-fold board with info on it but i dont know what exactly we are supposed to put on it. i have seen some teams present problems that they solve, and others just putting info about their year and how they have proggressed. i just am hoping for a clear answer on that. i also dont know if our topic varies depending on the year. so if i can have an answerr that would be great thanks

The STEM research project is an optional video presentation (with top contenders at championship events giving in-person presentations to judges). There is no requirement that information be presented on a tri-fold (or any other kind of) display board. More information about the STEM research project is available in this PDF.

Without seeing it, that does not sound like a STEM research project poster. Note that some teams may choose to make posters or other visuals to show to judges during the interview process for other judged awards (excellence, design, etc.).

The topics vary from year to year, but are usually quite broad. This year’s topic is “science”; more info on the topic in the PDF I linked above.