STEM Research Project - Testing the Innovation

We’re kind of struggling with a part of the STEM research project. It expects the kids to ‘test’ the innovation. We aren’t sure how to do that. We live in a small, rural farming community, and the robotics around here are used to ranch and take care of cows, as well as to farm. The kiddos have researched, and have come up with some interesting innovations, but testing them is out of our realm. For example, one of the teams wants to use a rf scanner to identify the cows as they come in. This is a great idea, but we are at a loss as to how to test it. The expense of putting a chip on the cow, and then putting a scanner on the robot, and trying to get it to scan is a little much for an elementary school team. Any suggestions?


I suggest a small scale test. Use a plastic cow, and a fake RF tag, and build a little robot out of Vex IQ parts. Then in the STEM presentation, demonstrate the idea with the small scale replica.