STEM Research Project @ Worlds

Will all teams qualifying for the World Event be able to participate in the STEM research project? Or only the teams that qualified for worlds and won the STEM Research at a regional or state competition?

Only teams that have won the STEM Research Project at local or regional events this season and who have signed up on the pre-submitted awards page will be eligible for a STEM Research Project presentation at Worlds. Teams may sign up by March 20 at:

We have updated this response to include these details from the VEX IQ Judge Guide: [INDENT] At VEX Worlds only, teams that have won an Excellence Award or a STEM Research Project Award during the current season will be provided an opportunity to present their STEM Research Project to judges. Qualified teams must sign up for Project Presentations at:

[/INDENT] [INDENT] from February 1, 2016 until March 20, 2016.