STEM Research

Does anyone have any information on the stem project for this year yet? If so can you give me a link to it so our students can get started.


Do you mean the game?



The game is usually revealed on the last day of Worlds. You should also subscribe to the VEX Robotics Youtube channel. VEX posts the video there at the same time as the game is released at world. Also, if you’re not at Worlds, check the live stream.

@Hollie_Arnold 's talking about the STEM project, like a mini-science fair project with a video. The topic is AWOL from the current site. They rolled out the new pages and there are some bumps.

Someone from RECF will post the link here OR I contacted my local RECF RSM and I’ll post the link when I hear from them.

It’s in the event partner documents. It’s been there for about a week. I’d link it here but I’m on my mobile…

Where do I look for the event partner documents? This is my first year to do this.

Link to STEM Research Project:


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