STEM timing...

I had a great time judging for STEM over the last weekend at our elementary state event. One thing I’m curious about, what should the judge do after the 4 minute mark? Should I just cut the kids off? Should I disregard what they say after the 4 minute mark? Should I just let them go on? There is nothing the the rubric about the timing, so I’m curious about how this was intended to be handled.




Thank you for volunteering your time at the state event! Team members should be able to organize their information in order to present within the specified time limit. This can be addressed in the STEM Research Project Rubric under Criteria 3: “Demonstrates a well-organized and documented process to study/explain research findings”. Teams should be made aware that they have exceeded the time limit, but given final moments to sum up their most important and key take-away for the judges.