STEM Topic

I just saw the new STEM information and I am EXCITED! I think the kids will have a lot of fun with this. I am curious about what the elementary coaches think about it… Do you think that younger students will be able to handle it as well as the themes in years past?

My kids have been obsessed with AI and how to keep it from taking over the world and killing all the humans, so this topic seems perfect!

Can somebody clarify that for the STEM RESEARCH Challenge, students need to research something they have created???
They actually have to build something that works??

No, it is just a research project. Some of the students build things but they’re not related to the robotics project.

Teams have the opportunity to do two presentations, one for their robot design and one for their STEM Research Project.

The STEM Research Project is an additional activity in the VEX IQ season, outside of building a competitive robot for the RingMaster game. The students research a STEM subject that changes each year and build a presentation around their research.

The student can also do a presentation on their competitive robot for the Design award. This presentation allows the students to describe the design process they used to achieve their robot. The Design Award recipient demonstrates the ability to implement the most effective and efficient robot design process.

2017 STEM Project Details:

VEX IQ Awards Apendix:

This is what it says in the document [INDENT]

Award Criteria
• Identifies a challenge topic of interest that relates to the STEM theme for the season
• Completes research and collects evidence using reliable sources
• Demonstrates a well-organized and documented process to study and explain research findings
• Describes how the research findings were applied to develop and test the solution
• Shares the solution in an effective and creative presentation
• Students demonstrate an understanding of the research process
• Students demonstrate teamwork and effective communication skills

How else can one develop and test the solution besides building/creating something??

The solution could be a law or policy… A true test of a robotic doctor making decisions about patient’s lives would be incredibly expensive and close to impossible. Interviewing engineers in the field about their possible solution could be enough to test their solution. The students should take it as far as they reasonably can.