Stickers for worlds

My team bought stickers for states but realized we need more for worlds any suggestions on where to get them? We are in the US

Custom Ink - Put your team/club logo on stickers and buttons.
Bracelets - Put your team number and team name with your home town location (Ex: 123A Sample Team name - Dallas, TX)

This is to name a few, and some are expensive.

There are plenty of online websites that will make stickers for you, please try and explore other options before resulting to the forum, this answer is only a google search away.

stickermule is very high quality, whilst still being the cheapest option I have found.


What site do you suggest

Sticker Mule is the cheapest US-based website for custom stickers. They also have other custom-printed products like buttons, pins, t-shirts, etc. They often have deals with large discounts and free shipping (just the other week they had a deal for holographic stickers that was over 50% off). Definitely recommend, all you have to do is upload an image and they will help you with the proof.


If you have access to a Cricut or a silohette cutter, you can make your own, just print it and run a cutting program. We’ve been doing that last year and this year, the sticker paper works in Laser and Inkjet printers. For those crafty people, we’ve also made our own keychains, coasters, air fresheners, and pins, the supplies are cheaper just need the man power and time.

I think sticker giant in Longmont, CO is also pretty good prices

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I can second this, I bought 200 1.25" circle stickers for $70. These stickers are extremely well made and high quality. They also do frequent sales allowing you to get an even cheaper price or a better product (such as holo stickers).

I’ve been looking at pricing and found Does anyone here have experience with them? …quality, etc?

We also highly recommend sticker giant, we are a local Longmont team and we have gotten our stickers through them for the last 2 years, and we have loved it so much. Great quality and prices, and they occasionally are willing to sponsor Vex teams!

They have pretty good pricing

What team? And we tried sticker giant

We’re 60470A Ampersand :wink: