Labelling your parts, whether it’s motor gear configuration, port number, or just identification, is a good idea and useful. Most people though don’t have a label printer for this, but as I do, I figured I could add some stickers to Robosource:

There’s a bunch of premade ones, as well as some custom printed options. Some example photos are below, you can see the full selection at the link above. Some of them are sized so that they wrap perfectly around a 2-pin or 3-pin connector, labelling both sides.

They’re $0.49 per sheet of 10, or $0.29 when buying 10+.* I made them cheap because I feel it’s a pretty important thing to use, but if you don’t have any money or it’s too much of a hassle filing a PO just for some stickers, send us an email. :slight_smile:

*The quantity pricing is based on an automatic discount of 40% when buying 10 or more of any stickers. The larger, customized 1x2" stickers are $0.59.

Those wire labels. Shut up and take my money.

Yeah, they’re pretty nice, we used them a bunch on our last robot. Took me a few hours to get the alignment right though. I’ve only had some of the wires in the cortex stickered, and it worked fine, but if you put stickers on all of the wires it might be tight due to the added thickness. However you can still wrap them nicely around the wire just above the connector.

Really Nice!

This is actually so nice. One suggestion, there are usually some other things that people (or at least I) like to label, such as drive__ or intake__ or lift__, where __ can be M, L,R, F, or B, standing for Left, right middle, front, and back.

Hey you enjoying that Rick & Morty pic I made? :slight_smile:

You can just buy a label maker and do it yourselves you know, they cost like $50.

Thanks for the suggestion, I like it! I’ll see what I can add.

How do these look, I added them along with the other stickers?

Label makers are cool, but for $50 you could get about 1,700 stickers too. The advantage of the label maker though is the flexibility of printing whatever you need right away.

They look like I would buy them :slight_smile:

I’ve never been a fan of stickers, but these things are really excellent. I’d definitely buy some. Thanks!