Stiff Flags at Competitions

It seems like the question from Xenon is referring to the situation if you had permission from the EP to do so. Presumably done before any matches began. Would your ruling still stand?

It’d still probably be a big no. as @lacsap said, it gives all competitors an equal disadvantage, and messing with the fields probably not a good thing right before a comp.

But, the spirit of the game is to toggle flags, not have a power contest with other shooters.

of course. but then, if you accidentally damage a flag like what happened to lacsap, then that’s even worse. just a design flaw of the field we all have to find our ways around.

True. But “slapping the flags back and forth” was not what I had in kind. Careful, deliberate movements would probably not damage anything. But the concerns about the field durability are understandable.

Here is what I consider legitimate human interaction with the flag field elements, with the permission of the Head Referee:

  • setting the flag to correct position for start of match or skills run

Now if you want to check how the flag “feels” at the beginning of the day, be my guest. But anything to change the conditions of a field is pretty much a no-no in my book.

That said, EPs usually like help with setting up fields before the event - volunteer, put in your expertise to give everyone a great experience.

So far, I have seen punchers do a great job with a wide range of flag conditions. They are linear and do not lose much energy in full field shots.

Make sure to wear safety glasses, those balls can deliver a lot of hurt.

Okay, thanks. As an EP, have you noticed about how long it takes for flags to become less “stiff” throughout the course of the day? They must be looser by Finals than they were in Qual 1.

Generally, the flags stay the same throughout the day. Early season, not so many robots shooting at them.

We have one pole which was drastically more difficult to move flags, so we use that on practice field.

Overall, on the five game sets, not a real issue.