Still unable to regain control after autonomous

I’m still unable to regain control of the robot with the joystick after downloading a program to the robot. I switched the communication mode to VEXnet or USB, but I’m having the same issue of not being able to regain control of the robot when I put the key back in the Cortex.

This is what I’m doing:

  1. I remove the Vex key from the Cortex with the Cortex off.
  2. I plug the USB into the Cortex, and then into the computer.
  3. I turn the Cortex on.
  4. I Compile and Download Program to Robot.
  5. The small screen comes up, I press Start, and the robot runs the program.
  6. Leaving the Cortex on, I unplug the USB from the Cortex and plug the Vex key back in.
  7. I do not regain control of the robot through the joystick. I can only regain control by using the Vex Firmware Utility and loading the Boot code into the Cortex.

Any help you could give me as to why this is happening or what I’m doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.



This is a very interesting problem.
Are you able to control the robot via tether mode with the orange cable?
If so, most likely the problem will be outdated firmware in the system.

I know you already updated firmware on the Cortex/ Joystick, but can you please attach a screenshot of the updater you used?

Also do you have the VExnet Keys 1.0 or 2.0?
If 2.0, you will need to update firmware on the keys as well. Just install the following program and run the 2.0 keys through it:

Are the two keys married to each other??