Stl of the competition spin up field

i am making cad for my field riser and went to the field cad on vex but it was a .step file and the software i use uses stl for cad modeling does andy one have a stl file of the competition field
That link can be found on the vex store, in the resource tab VRC Spin Up Full Field & Game Element Kit - VEX Robotics

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yea i know but im looking for the stl the file only has .step files but thx for sending that for other users

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Oh wait I didnt realise that in your orignal post, most cad softwares should be able to convert it tho. What software are you trying to use?

I use OnShape to export .STEP Files to STL. You can use OnShape with an educator account. -

edit: fixed URL

sketchup for the web im on a chromebook

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.step to .stl converter: Convert STEP files to STL files |

@Dave-TBR tryed it but it didnt work

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Iā€™m pretty sure Onshape can handle .step files. I uploaded the Slapshot field (import with Y axis up, by the way) without really any issues. I just had to upload it unzipped, and it converted it to whatever it uses.

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Somebody else did the hard work of loading this into onshape, I just dug around the public files.

Feel free to make your own copies to mess with.