Stolen wallet at World's, can't fly home

Someone stole my wife’s ( Coach Charity Maricic) wallet during the opening cermonies. We don’t care about the cards, they’ve been cancelled nor the money inside, keep it.

Without her drivers license though she cannot fly home to see her children on Sunday as TSA requires identification and we have no way to get her from Kentucky to California.

If anyone happens to know who, please ask them to drop the drivers license at a vex booth or the 6526 booth and at least allow her to travel home.

Someone tried to use them tonight at Walmart and hotel vending machines.

If you don’t know, please mention it to your teams. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


That really sucks I’m so sorry. Is a drivers license the only identification you can use? I know nothing about how the system works but can you show some other form of identification to fly home?

File a police report and get a copy from them. Call airline and TSA to find out what other documentation she needs in addition to police report to travel.

This type of thing does happen and there are protocols to allow travel.

I am deeply sorry to hear this happened.


Someone from my team found a wallet, I believe it was after the opening ceremony but I don’t believe it was your wife’s. It had no ID. We turned it in to the people there, maybe try and check the lost and found or ask a worker there about if you haven’t, that really sucks. I doubt whoever, if someone did, took it will see this because only a small percentage of vex participants get on this forum. Good luck.


That is very sad. I hope it turns up, but I wouldn’t expect it to, either.

Here is a TSA webpage that explains procedures if you don’t have your id (on bottom):


The Pit Admin has had someone else’s wallet all week that someone else turned in. That was probably the one your kids were kind enough to turn in. Thanks!