Stop Wheels from Falling Out | How to Build a Base | Vex IQ

Hi everyone, I made a video on the basics of base-building as well as avoiding some common mistakes. This video is aimed at newer teams who may not have much experience. If anyone has questions you could post them here or in the comments and I will try to respond to them all.


at 2:50, can you standoffs instead of corner connectors?
amazing video btw. i have been looking fior a tutorial on how to build this drivetrain- it seems quite common in vex iq

Thanks! Yes you can swap them for standoffs. The corner connectors are a bit sturdier and allow you to mount things on them, but if you don’t have them standoffs will work just fine

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Pretty sturdy drive bas but i think you should incorperate a ratio to speed it up.

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Definitely! From experience the best ratio for speed would be 3:2, as anything smaller than that makes the robot too hard to control, and there isn’t enough torque to move the robot smoothly.

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Nah. 2:1 is the Goat.

Do you have a video where you can make fine movements with 2:1? In my experience it has been hard to make small changes. However, if it is possible to control, a 2:1 speed boost could be very useful

just use a non linear speed curve, low joystick values (for small movements) would have less speed than normal, but you still get the normal high speed with high joystick values


Great idea! That worked for us when we had lighter robots, but with heavier ones, the robot will either overshoot or not move at all

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Just in case you still wanted it, here is a link to a really good robot with a 2:1 ratio on the drivetrain. And we do use scaling on our joysticks (linear curve speed), and it works well for us on both big and small robots.

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