Stopper that doesnt bend

Hello all! I am having trouble getting a stopper that doesnt bend from force. I am currently using an aluminum bar. Any other ideas?: 20191023_190422 20191023_190417

just use a c channel.
you seem to require assistance for almost everything, no offense, but you’d be better off trying to solve these sort of things yourself. you’d gain more skill in problem solving, and with that skill, you’d be able to solve more of your problems, until you can fix all your problems without relying on the forums to tell you what you need to do. I hope this doesn’t come off as rude, rather just as advice.


I get that, but I dont build extremely well and run into a lot of issues. When I spend hours and cannot fix them, I rely on vexforum. However, I will take your advice. Thanks!

fair enough, but an issue like this shouldn’t take anyone hours to fix.
also, if you have issues in the future, it might be better to make and use just one topic for all your problems, instead of a new topic for each issue. But don’t take this as me saying you can’t ask us for help, I’m always happy to help people, but its always a plus when you can figure things out on your own before asking others.


Yeah, but c-channels don’t work because they are too wide and I need a little bit of leeway for the rollers to help with intaking

what about using a

  • steel bar
  • metal lockbar
  • screw
  • standoff

I could go on… just think of any structural part similar in dimensions to the bar you’re using currently, and think if they’ll work for you.


Ok, I’ll think about it. Thanks for the help!


Both a screw and a standoff only have one point of connection to the main c-channel. This is called a cantilever. I would recommend looking cantilevers up online because their advantages and disadvantages are highly applicable in vex. If you use screws/standoffs as stopper for a prolonged period you need to limit the force exerted on them. If you exert too much force on them then they will warp the main c-channel. This is a very common mistake, and it will permanently ruin the c-channel.

Judging by the photo, it looks like the hard stop is supporting your rollers. That means you need to support the weight of a motor and any additional force due to intaking cubes. From my experience, one screw/standoff will not withstand this application, and it could ruin your main c-channel.

I would urge you to use a small c-channel as a stopper. If it does not fit, you should custom cut it to fit. Make sure that you have a minimum of two holes for mounting and the flanges are still intact. This will help distribute the force on the main c-channel and reduce any warping.


You can also reduce any potential warping by using a long screw which goes through both flanges of the c-channel. I don’t know if there is proper terminology for this technique, but here is a picture of 8059Z which demonstrates this.



This is commonly referred to as a “box screw” or “box bolt” since they “box” the C-channel


Yes so steel c channels are stronger although they are heavier than Aluminum C channels, but just a small part would be fine.