Stopping zip-ties from contracting

Are there any ways to stop a zip-tie from contracting?

I feel bad no one has responded to this. I actually don’t understand the question. I think you want to pull a zip tie for a fixed distance and keep it from closing further. If that is the case, can you just melt the teeth past the point where you want it to stop? This solution is kind of brute force and inelegant and makes me wonder, if a zip tie is the best solution for your problem in the first place.

The best way to do this is to melt it a little bit as has been said. I’ve done this by snipping off the end and then briefly touching a soldering iron to the head of the zip tie. However, this isn’t competition legal (by the book anyways, if you ask a clarification maybe Karthik would allow it), and I’m not really sure what the best way to do this in a competition legal fashion is, maybe drill a small hole through the head and squeeze one of those pins from the omni wheel rollers in.

In the place you don’t want it to slide to, stuff the ziptie in a shaft collar or, if it’s the right size, you can thread the ziptie into a nut.

Like putting the shaft collar in the loop of the ziptie?
Thanks, I will try it.

Or just on the tie itself