Storage Box Transport Box

There was some interest in another thread in the storage boxes and transport carts my son made as his Eagle Project.

He did these for the middle school from where he had just graduated. He brainstormed with severla coaches and team members to get ideas and features; designed it and figure dout all the parts; solicited donations for most of the parts; premarked all the wood for cutting; had one of the assistant scoutmasters who used to be a carpenter help with all the cutting; marked everything for predrilling and helped me predrill it all; he organized members of the robotics team to help with assembly and painting and the day of assembly preset up all the parts and then lead the assembly. This took place over this past summer.

Sorry if I went on a bit, but I am very proud of what he accomplished :smiley:

There are 2 parts - a storage box and a cart

The cart has large casters and 3 sides so the box will not fall off but the door can still be opened while on the cart. The cart can also be used to transport the robot during tournamnets.

The box is painted and polyeurathaned to protect the paint. The door is painted with a dry erase paint so the team members or coaches can leave notes.

There is a piece of plexiglass on the side. This way the team can have the name/logo, but also change it year to year.

The bottom storage compartment is about 19 X 19 X 19. Big enough to store the robot but not too much room to move inside. it’s lined with carpet padding to provide some protection.

The upper area is kaizen foam with cut out for the lap top, vex net keys, controller etc.

The lid folds flat to the back and has clips to hold the 7.2v batteries

It really helped clean up the classroom we share. We haven’t taken them to a tournament yet but think they will be a big improvement in transportation and organization in the pits

Sorry if I went on a bit, but I am very proud of what he accomplished :smiley:
Box and cart.jpg
team logo.jpg

A few more pics…
with laptop.jpg

Cool idea to put the foam on top for the laptop and stuff