I am attempting t o organize my metal storage for my classroom and teams, does anyone have a size chart or itemized list of the Vex metal/ Just knowing how many bins to create might be a good place to start.

If anyone has suggestions or pictures please send them.

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This spreadsheet contains all the VEX EDR parts, along with costing current to 3/31/21. You could pull an itemized list from this spreadsheet:

If you join the VEX World Coaches Association ( ) you can search the group for many ideas regarding classroom/workspace organization. In our organization ( we store our metal stock on a pegboard rack, and use commercial bins and commercial slide box drawers for other parts.

3 Likes This is what my organization uses, we have one box per team and I haven’t had any complaints so far. It’s great for keeping metal / tools / and smaller items like screws and spacers organized. We also have a box separate for all electronics things such as batteries, really nice to keep that separate

And for bulk in classroom storage, any metal storage cabinet can work. I cant find the one that my team uses but I have linked a random one as an example


We use a peg board for our longer pieces and it is so nice! It lays it all out so we can see what we have.

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That does sound easy, got any pics?

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Thanks for the spreadsheet that will help

I tried to join the face book page but have yet to be accepted? Any thoughts on who to contact about that?

Generally, the only reason someone is not accepted into the “vex world coaches association” on Facebook, is because they don’t answer all the questions and accept the rules of the group. I would suggest you try again, and be sure to “check all the boxes”

Okay I know I messed up the first time when I tried to do it from school and lost connection, I redid it from home and am pretty sure I got it all done, but I’ll try it again thanks.