Store end game string

What is the best way to store string for my endgame with the least amount of friction and 0% chance of it falling out mid match?

You could…

  • wrap it around 2 standoffs
  • store it as a coil in a box
  • wrap it around 1 standoff
  • have it pressed under the rubber bands that shoot out

Just a few ideas.

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Thank you for the ideas will try those tomorrow

with your expansion its best to use a standoff to coil your string around, look into using a thicker yarn which makes it easier to release.
Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 12.51.04 PM

This container from a robot explanation is effective and requires less string coiling.

If you are looking to coil the rope around two standoffs, this is how most rope is flaked, Figure 8 Flake | How to Coil (Flake) a Rope - YouTube It is easier to release.

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Thank you for the help

We used a c-channel box and just shoved the string in, making sure it didn’t knot.


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