Storing or Grabbing the mobile goal

What do you think is the best way to use and score with the mobile goals? As of right now I’m thinking of making a claw that can grab them similar to the robot in 24 hours video, then lift it over the larger tube into the 20pt zone. But at the same time, I know that being able to stack and store it within the robot can save time driving from cone to goal and back, it would just be harder to get it out and into the 20pt zone. Thoughts?

I think it is best to have two separate mechanisms or some sort of swiveling claw.

Maybe move this to the general forum. Technical discussion is more about sensors and motors than game strategy.

Sorry if this was in the wrong spot, I’m new to the forum.

No problem, we’ve all been there. @6916H

I’m thinking siderollers independent of the main lift that brings it up a slight incline–or maybe an incline with the same angle as the drive base will have when one wheel is over the 20 pt bar even.