Strafing in Turning Point?

There’s been lots of talk about lifts and shooters, but what about the drive train?

It seems there could be a lot of benefit to being able to strafe. It would allow for moving along the posts and in front of the flags with less repositioning. There are a couple trade offs though. First, omni wheels seem to be at a disadvantage in a pushing match for the parking platforms. Second either 4 motors for an X drive or at least 3 motors for an H drive, which can be an issue if using V5 and facing the 8 motor limit. Meccanum Wheels? Still 4 motors but are they better in the battle for the parking spots?


As my team’s driver, I understand the appeal of strafing. However, most configuration methods for strafing require more motors than would normally be allotted to the drive train. Even if you were able to use 4 v5 motors on your drive, an X-drive would have a significant disadvantage when climbing the platform. I do see a mecanum drive as a potentially viable method of strafing in TP, but it would almost require a specialized robot (balls or caps).

Mecanum wheels seem viable for the platform since they have more traction than any other vex wheels, including high traction.

It seems to me that almost every year people bring up mecanums or strafe-drives of some sort, but almost always it is just better and more efficient to use a tank-drive. I would love to see x-drives become meta because it would be different, but I think especially people using V.5. will not want to use more motors than necessary anywhere.
Then again, I would also like it if there was no “meta” but I am almost sure it will happen to some degree.


4 motors on a mecanum drive could work, you’d have plenty of mobility and traction and you can still do the other stuff depending on how well you distribute your motors. However, a disadvantage to a mecanum drive is that its way slower.

No offense but for me, mobility should not be compared to mecanum wheels… If anything, I would rather go for an X-drive if I really had to pick a form of strafing.

I think you guys are forgetting how easy it would be to push a robot with a mecanum drivetrain from the side. The only way I would see mecanum working is if you had a specialized bot for caps, but at that point it seems having tank drive would be more useful because you would be able to push other bots around.


Can confirm. I do not think it is a coincidence that, AFAIK, none of the world champions in the past few years have had strafing drives (there might have been one a while ago, I wouldn’t know).

Mecanums are actually extra difficult to push from the side, and omni wheels are actually ridiculously easy to push from the side. Maybe you’ve confused the two? In order to push a mecanum wheel bot from the side, you would have to turn the wheels in opposite directions

Most tank drives will have all omni wheels and I think you’re forgeting how easy it is to push a robot with omni wheels sideways. If you’re making a tank drive with treads or high traction wheels, you’ll have tons of friction when you turn. High traction wheels also don’t have much traction.

But … I also have no experience with mechanum wheels.

There’s always time for a first lol

As a VEXU team, I can say I will definitely try strafing with a sideways center wheel this year. Cuz I mean, whats another motor when you get unlimited B)

I did figure that one out :wink:

I think it would be easy for your opponent to push you out of the parking base.

If what? If you have a holonomic drive of any sort?

My teams going for an ATV approach, running Tank tread, at this point we are just experimenting, and realistically it won’t be that good for speed and stuff, but heck, it’ll be sturdy.
Omni-wheels are definitely not good when going for those 6 pointers.
Its not as good for strafing, which is definitely an important feature of this game, but it might be a good idea to stay on those platforms,

Any sort of omni wheel configuration will make it easier to push a bot.