Strafing with Mec Wheels on Tank Control

We are experiencing some issues with our code. We have successfully written a code that has strafing with ArcadeControl whereas our drivers are more comfortable with TankControl and they dont have enough time to change the wheels so we are using mecanum wheels for the time being. We have gotten help from multiple sources and we are yet to have any luck. If anyone could figure this out please let us know.

Then just use tank drive with normal wheel. You just do not get the full feature of mecanum wheel.

The thing is we dont have enough time to change the wheels and our driver is telling us he wants the tank drive with strafe and we cannot find the code to do so anywhere.

What you do is for one side have the front wheel power the forward axis minus the horizontal axis and the back wheel the back axis plus the horizontal, and then flip it for the other side. This may need to be flipped but should work

Yes. You can add stride to tank drive. But you will not be able to stride 45 degree. Just add stride term to your tanks drive. In normal arcade mecanum drive, There three terms, forward, turn, and stride. For tank drive mecanum, you replace forward and turn with one term from tank drive. And keep the stride term. Tank drive will have two terms, one for forward and turn, and other for stride.

maybe search will help?

first result is


You could have a separate button that when pressed, turns the control setup into arcade and when released, allows normal tank drive

You could have regular tank drive, but one joystick can control strafing when toggled left/right. This would mean that you would not be able to do diagonal movements.