Strange Log Out Occurances

So, this has been happening to me since i first made an account. It took me a while to get the specifics of when it did and didn’t happen, and i thought for sure it was just something to do with our IT on our network, but it happens on my phone as well, so i think it is actually something with the site.

If i sign in, and leave the browser up with me signed in in an open tab for a while, i will refresh and be logged out. If i sign in and then close that tab, wait a while and then navigate back to the forum, i will still be logged in. I can go days if not weeks at a time consistently logged in, as long as i do not leave the tab open and idle for too long, but if i do, it will log me out, even if i have the “keep me logged in” box checked. Is this a known issue, or am i experiencing something weird?

I use google chrome on both my laptop and my phone.

I also have seen that same behavior.

I remember when this started. I just assumed that it was a form of spam-protection. Before this was a thing, the forum was getting spammed with 50 threads in multiple languages at a time up until the point where the community had to ping @DRow or some other official to ban the user’s account. This helps because most of those spam instances were automated. Logging off users after a certain time of being active on the forum stops the bots’ automated processes. This is just how I see it. I would be curious to know if there was another reason or if I am wrong.

I have been pretty sure it was a bug with the software the forum uses.

I am glad i am not the only one seeing this issue. Whether it is a bug or a feature, it is a very small thing, and probably not worth the effort to change.

I also have this issue. It’s mildly annoying, but really not a huge deal. If it prevents spam at all, I’m fine with logging back in every time. If it’s a bug, DRow and co. can fix it when they get around to it.

You guys get the error about inactivity and the session cookie expiring right? That’s what I get on my phone if I just hit home and don’t close the tab. Other than that, same for me, keep it closed to stay logged in.

Nailed it.

I get that when i try to log on with my computer while still logged on to my phone… This hasn’t really affected me though cause my phone still remembers my info so i can just click log in but it is kind of wierd…