strange soleniod behavior

Hello all,
I am having an issue with one of the soleniods on my robot. Whenever I power on the cortex, one of the soleniods begins firing randomly until the robot connects with the remote, at which point it act normally. It does not matter which digital port it is in. I am not sure if it could be a programming bug since it is not even connected yet, but any help would be appreciated since we have a competition tomorrow :P.
The entire code is attached.
mecanum.c (249 Bytes)

Solenoids are a type of “Digital Out”, so they should actually be plugged in on one of the DIGITAL ports on the Cortex. It’s a little counter-intuitive, since pneumatics create motion, but their simple on/off nature is controllable through the DIGITAL port, similar to an LED.

In ROBOTC, if you go to File > Open Sample Program > Pneumatics, you’ll find sample code that shows how to set it up in the Motors and Sensors setup correctly.