Strange Stalling Issues Help Please...

Hi, lately our team has been experiencing some strange stalling issues with our bot. Sometimes its our lift and sometimes our drive. we have a 1:7 6 motor hs ratio on our arms and 3 motor 1:1 hs drive. The robot runs fine for about 30 sec and then either the drive or lift stalls out. We tried changing cortex and swapping motors. We’re having a lot of trouble locating the source of the stalling. Any advice would be much appriciated.

In addition, the drive battery was a bit low on the power expander, battery on the arms was good.

Question: If the battery expander trips does that impact the cortex?

No, it shouldn’t affect the Cortex.

Try testing the friction on your drive wheels by disengaging the motors and seeing if the wheels can spin freely for at least a few seconds.

On your lift, be sure all the motors are actually working and are all turning in the proper direction.

There is some info on the power expander, which explains the status lights, here:

We’ll check it out.

We found the problem! Apparently the battery expanders wires were a bit worn down revealing the wire inside of the rubber housing. Wires might have touched which has been tripping the battery expander!

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