Strange thing happening....

Have made and downloaded loads of programs so know how to do it.

But, created a simple standalone, autonomous only project.

4 motors moving forward, wait 2000, stop.

cortex turned off, fully charged battery.

clicked build and download. downloaded program fine.

turned cortex on. nothing happened.

did the same thing with the cortex turned on and the program ran.

why might this happen and how do I sort it? I dont want to have the cortex on to download, have never needed to before!


here is the project file

what am i missing?
motors forward and stop a (59.6 KB)

Sometimes the controller can hang after download and the USB provides power to the device preventing a hard reset. After downloading you can goto the download tab and click “Reset”. See if that helps or you can unplug the USB cable and then just turn the robot on.

unplugged it, turned it on, bingo!