Strange V5 Motor Issues

Hi all,

I’ve been working on a cascade lift and claw system for tower takeover for the past couple months, and recently I’ve had some motor issues. The motors were able to hold up and quickly extend the lift up until recently. During testing, it started to slow on the way up and on the way down, and one of the motors was emitting a high pitched beeping noise as if it had just failed or was under too much stress somehow (although it worked fine for the month prior). We decided to switch out the default motor cartridges on the lift(3) and on the claw(1) with the blue ones (geared for torque). In that same day, I was experimenting with a program (I’m using PROS) for the claw that would provide a constant closing pressure for when it held a block to ensure that it would stay in the claw and not drop while it was being moved. That seemed to damage it because a team member told me that it was getting very hot to the touch. We figured that it might be the gearing/cartridges that were causing the issue, and we wanted to switch to torque ones anyway, so we figured we’d give that a shot first. After switching, the claw motor still does not move and continues to emit the high pitched noise whenever I try to control it even if when it was detached from everything. The lift also continues to emit the noises when controlled, but it does look like it’s “trying” to move (looked like maybe 1 of the 3 motors is still alive).
Is it possible that the claw program that I described would destroy a motor?
Is it possible that the motors on my lift were always under too much stress and just happened to fail now?
Are there different types of beeps for motors with different meanings associated with them?
Is there any way I can check what’s wrong with them?
Are they repairable?
What kind of damage is this?
Is there a better way to check the status of a motor?

I don’t know if I’ll easily be able to get new motors, so I’m hoping I can repair them, but I’m doubtful that it’s possible. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

No. The red cartridges are the torque ones.

RED - 100 RPM
GREEN (Default) - 200 RPM
BLUE - 600 RPM


I think the motors emitting a high pitched whine and dying is your motors dying for good. One of my motors died that way too, was working just fine one second, and the next, it was emitting a high pitched whine and wouldn’t move. RIP motor.

Yea that’s your problem. (unless your motor actually just died, because yeah, v5 stuff does that). Blue cartridges are almost never a good idea for a lift.



(just to be VERY clear.)

When the motor gets hot, It’s not Necessarily bad for it, It just means that it’s burning out and needs a minute to rest.

So to answer your question, you’re right, the reason for the high pitched noise is probably because of stress. So to fix it, change the cartridge in the motor to RED. It may not be as fast, but you’ll never have to worry about it burning out again. also if that doesn’t work, check out the ratio you’re using on the actual lift regarding the gears. Hope this helps.

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