Strange, Weird and Funny Worlds Stories

Share any strange, weird or funny things/stories that you’ve seen at worlds here.

For example I saw one team driving a platform around on top of their robot. How many points would it be if you managed to park on that?


This I would like to see!

Nothing super funny but some team accidentally somehow managed to fit a mobile goal on 2775v’s robot which was just peculiar.


We have a pressure valve to completely shut off air to our cylinders. It’s mainly used to get goals out of the clamps easier.

We switched it during practice. Setup for our match. Forgot to switch the valve back on. Effectively making us an expensive, heavy, monstrosity of a pushbot.

Needless to say we lost that one.

Not really strange, weird, or funny, it was really quite aggravating.

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There were multiple birds that decided to pay us a visit. Thwt was weird, and funny.


I’m not even at Worlds, yet my name is somehow ending up on the posters. How interesting…


Leaving Friday night, having Vex practice before leaving at 8pm, and I am probably not going to sleep on my flight there. My sleep is going to be messed up.

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What’s more interesting is that you have a photo of it

One of my sister teams who is at Worlds sent the picture to me. Lol

Nice, one less competitor.


They probably wrote it then

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Their were people in inflatable among us suits and saw one being pulled through pits in a wagon, not moving, but with a body still inside of it.

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