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I already have a decent complex tray bot that can stack 10 cubes and do towers. And I believe that dr4b tray is the new meta, so I wanted to build that. However, my coach and my friends are advising me against it because

  1. This is a new concept so building and testing will take too much time
  2. It is hard so it might not even work
  3. 3m drive is not worth it
  4. Stacking on stack might not be reliable
  5. Tray bot is still the meta because it can stack like 12 maybe more by worlds.

However, here is my reasoning…

  1. Dr4b tray’s auton can be 9 to 10 cubes on big scoring zone(because it can intake a vertical stack)
  2. If my partner does 9 stacks in small zone(most teams will do this in late season), we will most likely win auton.
  3. If above scenario works, then my partner stacks about 7 cubes so i can stack on top of it. So after quick 7 to 8 stacks for both my partner and I we can go for towers.
  4. This design can reach all towers

Can anybody please give me an advice on what I should do?


@Eric_0329, I think this is a great idea! Always dream big. Even if it doesn’t work, you can learn from your mistakes and use them to create something even better for late season. :+1::wink::sunglasses:


3 motor drive burns out very easily. The only big advantage I see in a dr4b tray is score in towers effectively which can help a lot in skills, but a complex tray should be able to score in towers as effectively if driven well. Stacking on other stacks is also very sketchy and I personally wouldn’t risk it during a match.


Wait, why would you stack in the towers?

i think you should go for your idea! i mean your brainstorming different ideas to play the game, so there is no harm in that right? If you think you can do it and build a different robot, then go ahead. Worst comes to worst, your will learn from the mistakes that you may have made. Overall, i think its your decision to decide if you want to create a separate robot when you all ready have a working one. Anyways, Good Luck!!!

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Sorry I corrected my statement

Oh. OK. Best of luck on your ideas! Hope they work for you!

If you want to talk more on this later, we can. It sounds really cool and I’d love to see some pictures, but I have to go to bed as it’s 9:35 in Eastern Time and I’ve got school to finish.

can you post some pictures of your robot that you currently have? it would be cool to see other people’s design ideas

Sure, I’ll take some pics on Wed. or Thur. as those are the days that our team meats. We don’t have ours completely or even nearly put together, but I can post some of the components. We have the base (which we’ve torn up and reassembled already), and part of the tray (we were planning on doing a vertical lift with a custom rack and pinion claw. We already tore that apart too). :+1:

How about yours @sanika_rudraraju, @Eric_0329, and @dchoi77?

if you already have a great complex tray, I’d honestly keep it. unless you think it’s worth it, but I wouldn’t redesign a robot that works well tbh.

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that was directed towards the op.

ONLY do this if you don’t have to disassemble the complex tray and if you have the people to do this without harming the complex tray’s development. I think that matches have been adequate proof that a complex tray is just as viable as a dr4b tray, so don’t toss a working bot aside for one that doesn’t have much higher potential.

plus I wouldn’t just adandon the complex tray design in favor of a dr4b tray.
tbh I think the dr4b tray will stick around, but not win worlds. complex trays will find a way to perform like a dr4b, and still have a 4m drive
(may or may not be doing this now…)


Totally agree, already we’re seeing ways for trays to swap. And stacking on stacks is rather pointless if you can stack more than 10 with a traybot. I mean, the dr4b tray is nice cause of its flexibility but ultimately completely unspecialized, which always causes problems when you get into high level play where people are good at selecting alliance partners that compliment them.

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Sorry no leaks :joy: you can watch my vid on Daquan Fisher on YouTube though.

could you link that please?

jack of all trades, master of none.
dr4b trays only perform well when they can either stack faster than a simple or complex tray, or tower faster than a lift. which is unlikely tbh. as complex trays get better, they’ll be able to put up 3 stacks very fast, while their partner would be a tower bot that plays defense while the other stacks, then they could both do towers.

but I don’t think dr4b trays are going away either, they definitely do have their advantages. once people figure out how to give them 4m drives and 2m lifts cough cough motor sharing cough, they’ll be op.

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I think that regular tray will continue to be meta for the late season. The thing is we see China games completely maxing out games where there are no cubes left and whoever can get cubes fastest, regardless of color basically wins.

So my prediction is that at HIGH-level matches (state finals, worlds elims) cubes won’t matter a TON, they may not be worth playing in most scenarios because you want to get as many cubes into your robot as fast as possible before the opponents get them.

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