Strategies for Tower Takeover

So I have watched a lot of videos of past season robots and the forum discussions for tower takeover. All I see this competition go back to is stacking blocks really high in the corner, put as many boxes in the safe zone for either protection or as an offense tactic (as your opponents might try to get all of the greens, so you take as many greens in the safe area as possible), getting blocks in or out of the towers (also I know 2 blocks in a tower causes that tower to have no points, so can this be used as a strategy to eliminate those points that benefit the opponent more. For example putting that 2nd block on the tower to cause no points be present from that tower?), blocking the opponent, and…?

Anything more?

Wall bots.

Enough said.

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xd that what I meant by blocking opponents. I was including that in the category.

The cubes are scattered ALL OVER the field. And pinning is not allowed , so you can’t just block them in a their starting positions, which is the only cube free zone. So alas, as much as we’d love a wall bot, it’s not gonna work. :cry:

You can block them from getting in the protected, but you will need a vary large wall bot to not be in their protected zone.

It would be easier to just take the cube out. If your opponents could score the cube it probably would be even easier to knock off the second cube. (Maybe even hitting the tower hard enough would knock the second cube off.)

Also, think about how bad wall bots would do in skills!!! :ok_hand:


This is a bit off the point here, but are we even allowed to "hit " the towers during the game?? I mean is that not included under “damaging the game elements”?

The towers are relatively secure, I don’t think that they could be damaged unless you are trying to. They won’t fall, but you are good if you don’t break anything.

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4 stage Cascade lifts maybe a way to go? the last stage being a claw of some sort. possible 2 motors for the lift 1 or two for a claw

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My team tried to use a 3-stage cascade lift last season, and it ended up being a lot more trouble than it was worth. Though it would catch the attention of the judges, it was very high-maintnence and used 3 motors. My advice would be, unless you are the cascade-lift expert, to avoid a cascade lift at all costs. But that’s just my oppinion, so you do whatever you feel will work best for your team. I wish you the best of luck either way!

If you are set on a cascade lift, look at Dreadnought’s fantastic example from ITZ.