Strategies for VRC Turning Point?

Anyone know the best strategies for VRC Turning Point? I know that there are two major ideas. One being a launcher robot that specially goes for the flags and then at the end goes to park. The other idea being a robot that flips over caps and then stacks them. Is there any other strategies? Or is there a way to make the two strategies more advanced? Just wondering!

I think our team intends to try and make a good all around robot, especially if a 2 motor drive base is viable with the new motors. We believe we will have a four bar with either flywheels or puncher. Of course that could be a lot harder if a 2 motor base doesn’t work. If your robot can do everything though, you aren’t eliminating the potential points you may score by being able to do everything.

if you only do one thing, you better be able to park at the end because if you don’t and you against another good robot you lose.