Strategy Approach to ITZ

This question is more to gauge the different perspectives and approaches to how teams start their year. Besides a 202 crushing style of building a bot in 24 hours, how are your teams approaching In the Zone? So far we have spent today and yesterday looking at the various rules and scoring options and we will probably start prototyping lifts and intakes by the end of the week. Each team has to come up with a presentation on why their strategy is right for ITZ.

Personally my team is looking at the past years and looking at what worked for each year for different parts of our robot. We are taking inspiration from an old lift from team 1103, we also are looking over the rules quite a lot to try and make a refined bot for this game. Other than that we don’t have much else going on.

Like @Connor Manning was saying, my team, is looking at past games and seeing what worked for other teams. Games like SkyRise and Round Up seem to have similar tasks of In The Zone.

I am starting off this game with a complete cad of my first design, I expect at least my lift and my base from this cad to last me till pretty late into the season, for the manipulator I will have to prototype once I 3D print my cone